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Intensive study program (ISP) Kranj, Slovenia

November 10, 2023

As a part of the SAFE project, the first Intensive study week was organized in Kranj, Slovenia. Students from five different countries did an analytical and later a project work process on five specific urban areas in the city of Kranj. The workshop started with urban and safety walks, scanning, and mapping of specific urban areas which served as analytical parts of the workshop. It also helped the students to get more information and impressions of the areas. With the help of role-play and future scenarios, they designed projects that create a safer, more accessible, inclusive, diverse, and secure environment for all people in Kranj—the work week resulted in an exhibition and group presentations, which opened up several questions on how to further develop an urban space for all.  You can see some highlights from the ISP in the gallery below and check the results under the Activities tab.

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