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Intensive study program (ISP) Kiel, Germany

December 1, 2023

The second Intensive study program took place in Kiel, Germany at the end of November 2023. It was organized by the Kiel University of Applied Sciences and its local partner, the Gaarden Social City Office. International students from Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Spain, and Germany, with the support of their teachers and associated partners, investigated accessibility and safety in the Kiel-Gaarden district, taking the perspective of specific vulnerable groups, using mapping methods to analyze and envision future scenarios. Through a guided Jane’s Walk and five safety walks with people from the affected groups, students got to know the neighborhood well. This direct contact and dialogue were particularly helpful for the development of the students’ concepts. They created models and posters that presented their ideas for a more inclusive and safer Gaarden at the end of the project week, which are to be discussed in the neighborhood with the help of the Gaarden Social City Office. You can see some highlights from the ISP in the gallery below and check the results under the Activities tab.

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